Questions?  Please call us at 336.722.7768

Questions?  Please call us at 336.722.7768

Larger Size Refills - Hand Sanitizer


​​​1 gallon bottle - Gel  

Price:  $35.95 bottle / $.28 oz   

  • Pump available upon request


Industrial/Hospital Totes   

Please Call for Pricing.  

(866) 417-1563 toll-free​​​​​​


Product Details:

  • A formulated non-toxic sanitizer for removing germs from the hands, arms or any surface - soothing feeling - quickly evaporates - natural glycerol - cleans quickly - fights dryness
  • Follows the FDA suggested guidelines for a hand sanitizer formulation offered in a gel and adheres to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.
  • Delivers fast, effective and safe cleansing without stickiness or the use of water or towels.  A few drops will be all you need to clean and moisturise your hands on-the-go.  
  • Blends active rinsing with soothing natural products for fast and friendly sanitation, and also includes natural hydration that gives a soothing gel feeling while you rinse your hands.
  • With the growing concern for personal hygiene at home and at work, alcohol-based sanitizers provide convenient alternatives to soap.  These products evaporate quickly, eliminating the need to rinse or dry your hands.

Personal Protection Products

1-Gallon sanitizer

1-gallon bottle - Gel Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Pump (16oz or gallon size only)

Hand Sanitizer Pump (16oz or gallon size only)



Please Note:  

Immedia Print shall in no event have any responsibility for, or incur any liability with respect to use or application of these products by purchasers or end users.  These products are sold as is.  Immedia Print makes no representations, warranties or promises, express or implied, regarding the efficacy of these products to prevent, or reduce exposure to any illnesses, viruses or other medical conditions.  Efficacy is in part reliant on proper use of masks by endusers as well as complying with CDC and/or medical professional guidelines.

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